Enlighten Your Soul - Jessica Owen

Image of Enlighten Your Soul - Jessica Owen

152 x 102 cms Original acrylic on canvas, Jessica Owen. 'Enlighten Your Soul' is new into the gallery by an artist called Jessica Owen who has been painting out of Manchester UK for the past 16 years. Her works are normally seascapes or landscape impressionist pieces however, she is known to cross over into abstract impressionism of which this is. This is original acrylic on canvas, she does use some brush work and does apply with a brush but for the most she manipulates the paint with her hands.

J. M.W. Turner is a huge influence in her style although as you can probably see she is a great deal looser and her work is a lot freer than that of Turners. Jessica is also a huge Jackson Pollock fan and this often translates in the form of the more abstract pieces.

You can read more on the artist in our artist section online

Signed, limited edition prints also available in a number of different sizes, framed or on canvas. Please contact via the website for more information.