Maple on Prussian Blue/Copper/Gold - Lilly Greenwood

Image of Maple on Prussian Blue/Copper/Gold - Lilly Greenwood

76 x 76 cms Original Lilly Greenwood. The crimson maple leaves are set to a background of dark prussian blue with glowing orbs of copper and gold. The orbs are open to interpretation, perhaps lanterns reflected on water at night. Lily aims for her colour palettes to be vibrant without being garish. Lily has developed a unique way of working, using her own paintings as collage material on a canvas. The maple leaves are meticulously painted, reproduced, and cut, ready to use on a canvas. The background is painted with acrylics. The use of collage allows the freedom to play with the composition in a way which would otherwise be impossible, allowing quick changes until a design is settled upon. When the collage is fixed in place, washes of ink have been applied. Finally, a glossy varnish enhances color, adds protection, and offers an opulent shine. Please be aware that this canvas has a high gloss finish, and surface texture/relief as a result of the layered collage material and varnish. Nature is common to all of Lily's work, however she would never claim to offer gritty realism. Lily describes it more like focusing on an aspect of its beauty and running with it, seeing where it can be taken. Simplicity is key, which to Lily means creating something which people can hopefully take some pleasure and enjoyment from.