Windy Day - Ian Norris

Image of Windy Day - Ian Norris

45 x 45 cms Original Oil on board - framed - Ian Norris

‘Ian relies on his own intuitive responses to the world around him, whether that response be to a landscape, a coastline, a cityscape or indeed recently, the interior of his studio. Whatever the subject, although perhaps stimulus would perhaps be more appropriate, the physical manifestation of the visual experience through the act of painting is, for Ian, the means of transmitting and sharing the same feeling and experience with the viewer. As a result, the contrast between the internalisation of a once private memory and the external public rendering of its emotional response is at the heart of Ian’s challenge and the honesty of its portrayal underscores his artistic integrity.

Ian's works hang across the world and he is very much seen as one of the most important painters currently working in the North of England.