Andy Marshall British, b. 1954


Based and working in Cheshire and Anglesey , Andy has a well established

reputation for his work with paintings in private ownership in the UK and abroad.

He focuses in the main on large canvases in oil or acrylic although his

preoccupation with sculpture continues in smaller pieces . His initial degree

was in fact  "Fine Art , Sculpture"  but his successful and long career as a

lecturer in Art and Design necessitated a wide ranging expertise in the practice

of paint, print and sculpture.

Many of us are, and he too is, absorbed by the forms of the land and the

shape of the sea , both transformed by changing light and season.

Confined indoors, we are nevertheless transported to a wild moorland or an enormous

sea reflecting the light of the sun.

Andy, recipient of the award of "Teacher of the Year" for excellence in the studio and the delivery of 

art courses and workshops in the UK, Tuscany and other European capitals, has now relinquished

his career to focus on his own work, currently on show at-

Northern Makes, Clarence Mill, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK105JZ