Atlas Bar - Rob Wilson

Image of Atlas Bar - Rob Wilson

Framed 88 x 71 cm

Rob Graduated from Bradford University where he studied Graphic Design and Illustration in 1997. The city’s rich textile heritage still resonates in his work today, with vintage sewing patterns and stitching often weaving intricate layers of texture, detail and colour together. His eye for graphic design can also be felt in his distinctive mixed-media paintings.

In 2007 Rob came to wider attention when he was commended by the Derbyshire Open art competition for a study of crowds emerging from Buxton Opera House. However it’s his first painting of a Manchester landmark, The Cornerhouse, that brought all of his progressive techniques together for the first time.

A number of awards, including Best Artist at Buxton Festival Fringe and the Buxton Spa Prize, saw demand for his abstract cityscapes and moody landscapes grow. As well as the architecture of Manchester, Rob’s depictions of London and other bustling cities, including Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam and Venice, can be found in homes across the world.