Tow - Beth Richardson

Image of Tow - Beth Richardson

105 x 105 cm Framed, acrylic on canvas - Beth Richardson

Beth is an international selling artist, showing in some of the most significant galleries and shows within the art world, these include New York, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Milan and London, her works can be found in some stunning collections as her work develops. This is her perspective of her work and where it comes from.

"I paint ordinary, everyday objects in large empty spaces and explore the strangely human characteristics the objects reveal both alone and in relation to each other. 2019 has seen a larger scale painting in which the colour fields become experiential.

Compositions are often ambiguous as perspectives are skewed, horizons become tables and domestic interiors merge with the wild natural world. As our perspective is challenged we are tempted to forget what we know and respond to the ordinary in a new way."