paintings by Diane Nevitt

Publisher: White Lane Press

ISBN: 978-0-9552667-5-1

Dimensions: 27 x 27 cm


Diane Nevitt was born in Cheshire but now lives and works in Devon. Taught for several years by well-known Plymouth artist Robert Lenkiewicz, her paintings quickly evolved from a figurative appraoch to a more subjective abstract style, initially based on still-life and landscape. This publication traces ten years in the development of her work.


In a era when derivitive art is prevalent, Diane Nevitt's paintings stand out for their sensitivity, skill and originality. Working with no preconceived idea of how the finished painting should be she repsonds subconsciously with the colour, shapes and marks she uses to a mood or feeling connected to her experience of events and places.


The inspiration for her recent work is curosly idiosyncratic: the dramatic shoreline of Lake Garda; an installation of strange animal sculptures accompanied by Michael Galasso's haunting music; a train journey through the Dolomites to the spa town of Merano; the orange groves of rural Mallorca. However, no matter what the subject matter, it is always Dianne Nevitt's poetic colour sense and unique vision that remain formost.